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“As the result of the careful handling I'm certain they received before they became a part of my life, the girls have been a source of great joy and enrichment. I could get into specifics, but for the sake of brevity, they've been so wonderful and every day we grow a little bit closer. Thanks again for helping me find the perfect friends for me!” View All Testimonials >

Sugar Glider costs vary, depending on where they are purchased. Gliders can be searched on the Internet, local papers, Craigslist, etc. and you can probably find a "deal". But who knows what you are really getting.

GSG is a Class A sugar glider breeder licensed by the USDA. Our facility is inspected annually by a USDA Inspector. We are also required by law to have a full Veterinarian Inspection of our facility and our gliders annually.  In addition all of our joeys are handled daily from the moment they open their eyes. You know exactly what you get with a granitestateglider.

Current pricing for our gliders is available in our on-line store. Because sugar gliders are communal and enjoy the company of other gliders, we highly recommend purchasing a pair. To back up that belief we offer our customers a $50 discount for purchasing a pair. In addition, all customers that purchase a pair of gliders and starter set from us receive a lifetime 10% discount on everything in our on-line store.

The Humane Society of America estimates the average annual cost of owning a sugar glider is $98. As a comparison, they estimate the annual cost of owning a dog is $960 and cat is $635. The table below is their cost breakdown:





































Sugar gliders do not require any shots or ongoing pet care such as heartworm, flea, or tick treatments. In fact they require no regular veterinary visits. Sugar gliders also do not require cleaning, bathing, or grooming.

After your initial investment a sugar glider is relatively inexpensive to own and care for.

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